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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a concierge?

Most people are familiar with hotel concierges. N’sync Concierge expands that role into the public and corporate sector, helping clients to achieve a better work-life balance. N’sync Concierge combines lifestyle management, errand runners, and event organizers.

Why use concierge service?

Have you ever wished there were two of you, more hours in the day? Or, that you had someone to help you to handle your day-to- day obligations when you absolutely can’t be in two places at once? If you answer yes to any of these, you can definitely benefit from our services.

N’sync concierge service is all about being there when you need us most and giving those additional hours back to you. We can help you organize your time and take some of the stress out of your life. N’sync Concierge focus is to simplify your life, save you time, and allow you to be virtually in two places at one time.

What is your privacy policy?

N’sync Concierge respects your privacy. Any personal information collected from you will be held in the strictest of confidence and will be used for internal purposes only. Please read our PRIVACY POLICY

Do you charge for cancellation?

We charge as per our Terms & Conditions 50% cancellation fee if we do not receive advance notice of cancellation at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled service; so please call ahead as soon as possible if you have to cancel. The full price of services will be charged if you fail to provide any notice of cancellation.

Are, your services tax deductible?

If you have us do tasks in association with your company or as a personal assistant, then our services may well be tax deductible. In fact, many of our clients do treat our services as an ‘expense’ and therefore as a tax deduction but you should always check with, and take the advice of, your own accountant.

How are these other expenses paid?

All our concierge services are prepaid so our subscribers and customers must maintain an authorized credit card on file and expenses are billed as incurred. Of course, no charges will be made to your credit card without your advance knowledge.

If I sign up for a service package is that the entire cost of the concierge service?

It depends. Our hourly rates do not include the cost of products or services, postage, long distance charges, third party charges or other such expenses which may be incurred in the performance of your specified duties. All reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in connection with performing the services are billed as incurred. Feel free to give us a call (240) 441 9444 to discuss this in full detail if you require further clarification.

Can I buy Gift Certificates?

Yes. Give the gift of time! What a great gift idea for new mothers, someone recovering after an illness/surgery, a frequent traveler, a stressed-out spouse, a special friend that needs some help or someone you think just would like some extra time to enjoy life. Gift certificates make the perfect gift of time and are a wonderful way of saying “thank you,” to your family, friends, employees and clients, and are welcome for any occasion. They can be purchased in several ways.